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  • 16Aug '21

    Mrs Johnstone was keen to be remembered as the "sole inventor" of an educational cardboard globe, but other people used her ideas too! Explore her work and that of other women in the globes gallery and have a go at making your own globe. 

  • 09Aug '21

    Why does the Whipple museum have a fume cupboard from a women's college? Explore the work of chemistry lecturer Ida Freund and find out about the chemical elements which make up everyday materials.

  • 02Aug '21

    Discover one of the biggest objects in our collection, the Herschel telescope, and the work of astronomer Caroline Herschel. Learn to recognise constellations and make up your own.

  • 26Jul '21

    Explore the work of botanical artist Carolina Dodel-Port and create some botanical designs of your own.

    To attend this event, please book our Monday 14:00 ticket for the below date from the University of Cambridge Museums website.

  • 31Mar '21

    Potatoes and barley are staples of British dinnerplates. Originally from the Peruvian Andes, potatoes journeyed to Britain in the sixteenth century and became side and centrepiece in all manner of meals. Barley's British history stretches back thousands of years, with malt long central to beer production.

  • 31Mar '21

    Humans and other animals are made out of millions of tiny cells. Find out more about them using objects from the Whipple Museum collections and then create or draw your own cell model to remind yourself of how everything works. 


  • 30Mar '21

    In this talk, we report on the co-production of a measure of thriving in collaboration with national poverty charity Turn2Us.

  • 29Mar '21

    Contrary to prevalent narratives in the history of medicine, China and Chinese historical actors played key roles in this field throughout the twentieth century.

  • 15Feb '21

    Held every February half-term, Twilight at the Museums is traditionally a time when our local museums open their doors to families for an evening of torch-lit exploration. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, we might not be able to welcome you in person but we'll still be bringing you a taste of Twilight fun. 

  • 07Feb '20

    Experimental: Pop, Fizz, Boom!

    Alongside projections, illuminations and glowing gizmos, take part in a trail that follows only the bravest scientists' experiments: those that wanted to try something different...

    Drop in family event with buggy parking facilities.

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