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  • 14Sep '18

    Visit the Whipple Library for a special display of pamphlets, books, models and ephemera relating to phrenology with the Whipple Museum of the History of Science.

  • 30Aug '18

    Learn how people from across the world have navigated the oceans with help from the Whipple Museum. Use a compass to explore the Museum and play a Pacific-themed trading game.

  • 21Aug '18

    Spotted an animal in the wild? The Whipple will use past zoologists' tried and tested techniques to help you hone your investigative skills so you can get a better look.

  • 18Aug '18

    Calling all detectives in training! Join us for a day of science and problem solving at the University of Cambridge Museums. Hone your scientific skills in preparation for a forensic investigation at the Botanic Gardens in the afternoon.

  • 06Aug '18

    Step back in time to find out about science in ancient Greece and Rome. How did they build impressive buildings? How did they cure their illnesses? And how did they make sense of the stars? Find out with the help of the Whipple Museum.

  • 31Jul '18

    Make your own alethiometer inspired by the Whipple's collections and the forthcoming performances of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' by ADC Theatre at The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge.

  • 26Jul '18

    We're joining the Sedgwick Museum to explore different types of brain and how we understand them. Have a closer look and make your own thinking cap and model brain.

  • 14Jul '18

    Join the University of Cambridge Museums to enjoy hands-on activities inspired by the collections. We'll be there making models of different celestial movements - looking at eclipses, transits and orbits!

  • 29Mar '18

    Have you ever wondered how a magician pulls off a trick? Is it magic - or science? Visitors will enjoy an evening of jaw-dropping trickery and sleight-of-hand inspired by the Whipple Museum's collection of historic scientific instruments and models.

Opening Times

Following Government guidance, all University of Cambridge Museums are closed until further notice, to help protect visitors, staff and the wider community