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Display case on testing air before Covid

Featuring industrial tools and a creature called a ‘Dragoyle’, our new display on Measuring Air Before Covid showcases scientific instruments used to test ventilation.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing ventilation has been important in reducing transmission. Measuring instruments previously used in mines and factories have found new uses in schools, shops, and offices to assess ventilation.

Come into our Main Gallery to see our display of the industrial forerunners of the tools used today.

Opening Times

We will be closed on Thursday 2nd June and 3rd June. We will reopen on 6th June.

We are open five days a week, 12.30 - 16:30

Monday 12.30 - 16:30

Tuesday 12.30 - 16:30

Wednesday 12.30 - 16:30

Thursday 12.30 - 16:30

Friday 12.30 - 16:30

We hope to see you soon!

Please note that, in line with University of Cambridge guidance, the Whipple Museum requires visitors to continue to wear face coverings (unless exempt) and maintain social distancing.